News 2021

Our thanks go to so many who have continued to support us in what are not easy circumstances; for the committee members – the General Committee, the Gardens Day Committee, the Trustees who work so hard to publicise events, put them on and come up with new ideas in times of still reduced and careful contact, oversee projects. Looking back over the past financial year WWfA raised more money than the previous year. Thank you! We also remember those who have sadly died over the past few years – Betty Fish, Diana Armstrong, Anne Robinson, Joan Kelsall, Beryl Jones, Pat Parfett, Margaret Lewis , Jim Townsley– people who have given so much time to supporting WWfA  for numerous years, from the very early days of the charity to the present time; from committee work, making cakes, marmalade and sandwiches, washing up at events to editing the newsletter Their loyalty has been a backbone of the charity.

 Jenny gave a talk to Prestbury Probus Club who have kindly donated £111

The Mulchand Trust are supporting our work through the funding of Projects 303 and 304. These are piped water in Kosovo Slum, Kampala and water harvesting at Little Shepherd School, also Uganda. Our thanks go to them.

Hough Garden at Home raised £450 with many thanks to Diana Von Cranach and Peter Woollam who organised the event and gave an enjoyable and interesting afternoon. We heard about the development of Hough Garden from Peter and Diana talked about vegan cooking giving us some wonderful food to sample.

Gardens Day Over £22k was raised at Gardens Day. A huge thank you to the gardeners who opened their gardens for us; to their family and friends who support them and to the many who came making it a memorable day for all. From these funds, in total,  over 6000 people will be helped plus two schools, with projects ranging from new wells to protection of springs, rehabilitation of wells to latrines and handwashing stands.

Instagram has now been added to Facebook to help publicise our events. Thank you to those who carry these out.

Dave Tonks gave a talk reflecting on his time as a Trustee of WWfA as well talking about his time on VSO where his experiences highlighted the importance of water.

David Cash gave a very interesting  and wide ranging talk – “Favourite World Gardens- An Architect’s Dozen” and raised £844

“Soap and Water Appeal” has raised £1,694 and this funded three more wash stands in Zambian schools. In total over 8,000 pupils now have handwashing facilities. Thank you for such a wonderful response to the appeal.