It's not only wells !!

Projects are rarely the same and each proposal is judged on its own merit.

There are four trustees including a water engineer and an accountant who meet regularly to discuss opportunities which are referred to us by trusted organisations in Britain and Africa. Before agreeing to fund a project, we require sufficient details of how the project is to be carried out, including costings, to enable the trustees to make an informed decision. A short completion report, including photographs, is required before a project is signed off.

If you’d like more detail you can read How We Evaluate Projects

Over £1,500,000 has been distributed to fund 340 projects (many involving multiple wells). Because all our support is voluntary, less than 0.7% of the money has been spent on administration.

In response to current thinking on water conservation, where feasible we are pursuing water harvesting and storage projects in addition to wells.

Watch a project from start to finish!!

If you can do find 30 mins to watch this amazing and instructive video compiled from  48 film clips taken the construction of  Kambini borehole.  It is truly fascinating to see how the work is carried out and the challenges that are faced to achieve success.  The final scenes show the first operation of the pump and the users' grateful thanks which is very rewarding

click here to watch in your browser

Locating the Projects

A number of supporters have asked if it would be possible to see whereabouts in Africa the different projects are located.

We have started to identify the projects on Google Maps and you can click through to see the Wilmslow Wells for Africa Projects Map. Clicking on a project title will highlight the relevant marker on the map and display some brief details about the project.

Please be aware that this was very much ‘work in progress’ (still!)