We have brought water to more than 200 villages
but so much more needs to be done

Wilmslow Wells for Africa 
is a direct action, volunteer-run charity, working through trusted contacts in Britain and Africa.
We provide clean water, hygiene and sanitation in drought-stricken areas of Africa.

Over 99% of everything we raise goes directly to water projects.
Since the mid 1980’s, we have raised over £1.4 million and funded over 255 projects
helping to provide over half a million people with clean water .

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99% of all donations go directly towards our work

Our Water Engineer Reflects

David Tonks' informative talk about his 20 years with Wilmslow Wells
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Favourite World Gardens - an Architect's Dozen

David Cash will give this illustrated talk by Zoom on Tuesday 2nd March at 2pm
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Virtual Gardens Day 2020

Our Virtual Gardens are still open for viewing: just CLICK HERE

Can you imagine...
 Not having a tap in your house   ● Walking a mile to collect polluted water  
● Five of your children dying of water-borne diseases

Brenda Mottershead witnessed these shocking conditions in South Africa. 
They inspired her to establish Wilmslow Wells for Africa ...

Now just imagine ... the joy of having a well in your village
from which everyone can draw clean water

The average family of four in Britain uses 500 litres of water a day.
Yet in many parts of Africa the only water available is so polluted that it kills both the humans and wildlife that have to share its source.

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You can now support Wilmslow Wells when you purchase items from Amazon

Go to smile.amazon.co.uk and select Wilmslow Wells for Africa as your chosen charity.

Always access amazon via the smile address in the future and 0.5% of the net purchase price (excluding VAT, returns and shipping fees) of eligible purchases will be donated to Wilmslow Wells.   

Open the Amazon  app on your device
In the main menu tap 'Settings'

Tap 'AmazonSmile' and follow the instructions


Watch a borehole project from start to finish!!

If you can do find 30 mins to watch this amazing and instructive video compiled from  48 film clips taken the construction of  Kambini borehole.  It is truly fascinating to see how the work is carried out and the challenges that are faced to achieve success.  The final scenes show the first operation of the pump and the users' grateful thanks which is very rewarding

click here to watch in your browser

A Big Thank you to WIlmslow Wells

You may like to view this short video thanking Wilmslow Wells for our support. It is of a completed project providing water harvesting for 50 households. These are mostly Rwandan refugees forced to return to Rwanda from Tanzania


Thanks to everyone who supports our events ...

October '20 Souperweek

Raised £1,300

Virtual Gardens Day 2020

Raised  over £20,000

March 20 Souperday

Raised £1,280

Oct 19 Bridge Drive

Raised £1000

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