The Wilmslow Wells Challenge

Launched for our 40th anniversary, the Wilmslow Wells Challenge
involves covering the 210 miles from Wilmslow to Wells in Somerset
by cycling, walking, running, using a bus pass or any other ingenious means.

Will you help to raise additional funds for the charity by sponsoring our participants?

The inaugural challenge is being undertaken by Wilmslow Wells Chair, David Cash, along with five of his friends on their bicycles and will be leaving from St Bart’s at 9.30am on Sunday 28th April. Hopefully, they will arrive at Wells Cathedral late afternoon on Wednesday, 1st May. Most of the team haven’t done much cycling at all over the last 25+ years so they are working hard to get into shape!

Then on 28th April, Ian Porter will be undertaking the challenge entirely using his bus pass for what will be a 250 mile journey. Andrew Hughes is also planning to do the challenge during June. If you or your friends/ relatives would like to have a go, please let David know. After 1st May, he and others should be in a good position to offer advice about it!

If you would like to support them or any of the others who are bravely taking on the challenge, we would be very grateful. You can do by clicking the following link to this ‘Just Giving’ page: