News 2019

Gardens Day Thank you very much for all the support given by so many on Gardens Day, from opening beautiful gardens that drew admiration from visitors, the volunteers that helped and the many visitors that came. A record breaking £17,700  was raised.  The glorious day, enjoyed by all, will live on by transforming the lives of over 8,000 people  in sub Saharan Africa in the provision of clean water , hygiene and sanitation.

Trustees meeting7 new projects were approved for funding

Prestbury Gardening Club – here an enjoyable evening was had talking about our charity and looking forward to Gardens Day.  £105 was given – thank you.

East Cheshire Ladies Association extended a warm welcome as well as a delicious lunch. Afterwards Jenny gave a talk about our charity and  £104 was raised. We thank them for giving us this opportunity to talk about our beginnings and where we have progressed to.

March Souperday was very busy and raised a wonderful sum of £1,464. Many thanks to all the supporters and volunteers who make this happen.

Barnby Singing Day again saw us providing a soup lunch which meant we raised £137.