Wilmslow Wells for Africa

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The average family of four in Britain uses 500 litres of water a day. Yet in many parts of Africa the only water available is so polluted that it kills both the humans and wildlife that have to share its source.

We have brought water to more than 100 villages, but so much more needs to be done:

Can you imagine -

Brenda Mottershead, a British teacher, witnessed these shocking conditions in South Africa. They inspired her to establish Wilmslow Wells for Africa ...

Now just imagine -
the joy of having a well in your village from which everyone can
draw clean water

30th October 2014 (new date)

3rd November 2014

Barn Dance
22nd November 2014

14th March 2015

Can you imagine ... ?

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Wilmslow Wells for Africa is a direct action charity run by volunteers and working through known and trusted contacts in Britain and Africa. Our aim is to improve life in drought-stricken areas of Africa by providing wells, pumps, dams and water collection equipment.

We keep administration costs to a minimum: more than 99% of everything we raise goes directly to water projects. Since our formation in  the mid 1980’s, we have raised £900,414 funded 139 individual projects (many involving multiple wells) and spent only £7,045 on running costs.

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The December Concert
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The October Souperday
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To everyone who has supported and helped the charity in 2013

You have enabled us to continue to improve the lives of many communities in Africa

A special thanks to the committee members for their time and expertise

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The March Souperday
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