A heartwarming donation

We are, of course, grateful to all our donors but we were especially delighted to receive a donation of £500 from Brenda Mottershead’s* daughter, Catherine – raised at a concert by the Fen Edge Orchestra near Cambridge. Catherine told us

“I talked about the charity during the concert, and people seemed to be very moved by the story of Emily, my mother and the development of Wilmslow Wells. They were able to look at the display (and donate) during the interval, and many orchestra members have told me that they’ve looked at the website too.”

“The information that Jenny sent looked great when I’d laminated it and put it with the various African bits and pieces that I’ve kept from my parents’ time in South Africa.”

“I’m very proud of what Mum started and you all continue to do. She would be thrilled that it’s still doing such fantastic work.”

*Brenda was the founder of Wilmslow Wells … you can read her story here

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